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All our hinge pins can now be delivered in tombac                                     All our downpipe brackets for screw mounting can be ordered with any required base height                                     All our products can be delivered in all RAL colors - we have ¼-shaped architect gutter brackets in anthracite as well as anthracite downpipe brackets for diameters 76mm, 80mm & 87mm on stock                                     

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The production at Vestjydsk Beslag A/S

At Vestjydsk Beslag A/S we produce both gutter brackets and downpipe brackets in high quality. In addition to our common product range, our products can be delivered in all colors, materials and sizes to our customers requests. We take pride in delivering good craftsmanship, for instance our high level of uniformity in the products, making mounting easier and ensure a great result.

In our product catalogue we have a series of gutter brackets in various shares and materials. In addition we have lots of experience in custom made gutter brackets, produced entirely from the unique wish and need of each customer.

You are always welcome to contact us today, for a talk about the offering we can provide for you and your customers.

Gutter and gutter bracket for the Danish castle Amalienborg

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